Saturday, January 8

70s Teen Idols

For some weird reason, Boulder Locavore's post about crazy reality TV got me thinking about Oprah's show about 70s teen heartthrobs.

I have no idea how I made the leap. Must be a nostalgia thing because I'm getting old and teen idols were part of my grade school reality. As far as high school goes. . .80s music anyone?

To start, we have Shaun Cassidy. He looks pretty good 30 years later and he can still sing. It brought back all kinds of memories for me. His was the first album I ever bought for myself. It was during 4th grade and I was thrilled to have my own money (it must have been for my birthday). The featured single was a cover of Da Do Ron Ron. Such a sweety tween-y tune.

Peter Frampton was on the show, too. Man does he look different. Crazy. But he's still one of the world's best guitarists. Crazy.

Sadly another teen idol from my 4th-grade year was missing, Andy Gibb. He died in 1988. I had a poster on my wall (?!). At my slumber party that year we played truth or dare, and one of my dares was to kiss the poster. Sheesh, I was embarrassed.

Can't believe I confessed all of this. Blast from the past, I guess.


  1. Oh Lord I might have titled this 'Andy Gibb Put Your Shirt Back On'. Am I getting old or is the hairline down the abdomen way 'TMI'?!

    I too watched the Oprah episode and was a bit aghast at where our teen idols have ended up. Thank goodness WE are not aging to produce such a dramatic impact on our 'viewing audience'!

  2. Boulder Locavore - You are hilarious. No metrosexuals or manscaping back then. Maybe the long feathered hair influenced trends yet to come?!

    I completely agree that we are fortunate not to age in the public eye!

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