Tuesday, November 30

Stila Online Warehouse Sale

Holy smokes! Stila is offering huge discounts at their online warehouse sale. The prices are INCREDIBLE.

It's no secret that stila is one of the best cosmetic companies on the planet, and a personal favorite of mine, especially their gift sets.

Take a look at these screamin' deals:

Blissful Lip Glaze Set - $10 (regular price $20)

The Makeup Player - $25 (regular price $69) - not only does this set include a cosmetics train case, but it also includes built-in portable speakers!

Refillable 8 Pan Compact - $12 (regular price $30) - an eco-friendly option.

Seriously. These are terrific deals. Hurry! Sale ends December 3, 2010.

Eating the Decorations

My family is getting ready to eat the squash that served as our Thanksgiving centerpiece. What's thriftier than eating the holiday decorations?

I generally - click to see my previous post - roast squash with butter, brown sugar and pepper. I'd love some new techniques.

Any ideas for preparation?

Monday, November 29

Blue (Cyber) Monday

For some reason, I'm thinking about Blue Monday, today. Must be the whole Cyber Monday thing. Not only is Blue Monday the best ever New Order song, but there's also a great cover by Flunk.

Along those lines, some gorgeous blue finds on etsy.

















Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday - more shopping craziness. The term Cyber Monday, was created five years ago by the National Retail Federation, to ring in the unofficial start of online holiday shopping (beware retail marketing wizardry).

The Huffington Post has some great tips for Cyber Monday shopping:
  1. On twitter, follow @CyberMonday, @CyberMondayNews, or @BestCyberMonday. Try following specific retailers, too, such as @Nordstrom or @Target.
  2. Take a look at CyberMonday.com and BestCyberMondayDeals.com for lists of the best online deals.
  3. Visit Wallet Pop, for even more ideas for extra savings.
Don't forget to start at eBates (see my previous post authored by Boulder Locavore; it includes detailed information on navigating eBates).

Be careful, though. The Early Show on CBS warns to beware bogus bargains, lookalike sites and free shipping.

If you've got travel on your mind instead of traditional gifts, take a look at these deals:
  1. Hotels.com is offering up to 50% off if you book online and use code 4DAY.
  2. NYC - The Duane Street Hotel in Tribeca $129/night (usually $350/night) if you book today between 1:29pm and 1:58pm today, EST. Stay is good January 1-Februay 28 (excluding dates around Valentine's Day).
  3. Starwood Hotels, including Westin, is offering special rates January 1-April 30, use code CYBERLTO.
View from Duane Street Hotel - NYC

Happy browsing and shopping.

Sunday, November 28

Perfect Kitchen Gagdet Gifts

I like kitchen gagdets; can't help it. Most are specific to one task, but I don't care. Anything that saves a bit of time in the kitchen is okay by me.

If you have a cook on your gift list, why not consider some of my diligent long-term favorites?

A champagne stopper from Sur La Table. For only $6 you can finish your bottle of bubbly the next day, that is, if you can wait.

Utensil pot clips also from Sur La Table. So handy, and a set of two is on sale for $11.

One of the best gadgets ever, my garlic peeler from Williams-Sonoma, has been put to constant use. Pop multiple cloves in, rub back and forth and the skin is quickly removed. It's dishwasher safe, too. No more sticky fingers.

Silicone spatulas and spoonulas are fantastic. I especially like the spoonula for removing scrambled eggs from the pan.

Finally, a Kuhn Rikon chopper is another great tool. It makes quick work of onions, garlic and nuts and it's on sale at Sur La Table.

Gather a few of these babies for that dear cook in your life. Put them in a tart pan or set of mixing bowls, tie it up with a ribbon, and you're ready to give a thoughtful, lovely gift.

Bon appetit!

Friday, November 26

Thanksgiving Recovery and Black Friday Shopping Tips

Ahh, Thanksgiving recovery. Like any other major holiday, everyone tries to cram in a feast, socializing and family togetherness.

Add Black Friday to the mix and your head can start to spin.

I, for one, will not shop today. Visiting brick-and-mortar stores is out of the question. I really don't like crowds. Online shopping is out, too, because I have yet to follow my own advice. What was it I wrote about smart Black Friday shopping?

1. Do not buy on impulse, plan first, including setting a budget and organizing a list.
2. Try to buy gifts your recipients will use.
3. Compare prices.
4. Sleep in on Black Friday.
5. Wait for prices to drop even lower. Most buyers have severely cut spending, although the average, according to the New York Times, is predicted to increase 3.5% over last year. Retailers want to empty their stores before they take inventory in early 2011 and they need an infusion of cash. Trust me, prices will go down.
6. Don't panic over selection. There will be plenty of choices left.

Since shopping is on the back burner, I might take Roo to a movie while the Diva babysits for some friends.

Hopefully your stemware, 'good' dishes and KitchenAid stand mixer - as seen at Williams-Sonoma - are safely tucked away biding time until the next biggie holiday. Today's the day to regroup and rejuvenate.

Wednesday, November 24


Have you discovered tada!shop yet? It's a great time-saving resource for kids clothing and toys. The site allows you to add items to a shopping list and directs you straight to the site where goods are available for purchase. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. If you're in the market for children's gifts, the finds on the site are fantastic. And don't worry, it's all available online.

The girls holiday gift guide couldn't be more helpful. It covers a wide range of items; everything from toys to clothing. And the list is organized by age for your shopping convenience.

What could be better than a virtual personal shopper? Your time is valuable; use it wisely.