Sunday, February 6

Thrifty New Uses for Old-Fashioned Remedies

Since I'm always looking for a deal, I've been looking for unique uses of items available at any drug store. Plus I love the idea of utilizing old-fashioned products today. There's a reason these items have been around for decades.

Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub was created in the 1890s at a family drug store and reached success in 1918 during the Spanish flu epidemic. Originally called "Magic Croup Salve," the name was changed to VapoRub in 1912.

In addition to relieving congestion, VapoRub can be used to:

  • Soften feet and elbows
  • Keep energetic kittens from scratching legs
  • Relieve the itching and burn of mosquito and fire ant bites

1.76 oz for about $4 and Vicks currently offers a coupon for $1 off 


Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has been around since 1887 when chemist Robert Augustus Chesebrough noticed a jelly-like substance on oil drilling rods. He purified the jelly to a clear smooth substance and Vaseline was born.

Vaseline can be used to:

  • Revitalize leather shoes
  • Loosen rings stuck to your fingers 
  • Keep shampoo out of baby's eyes (a little dab above the eyebrows is all it takes)
  • Keep light bulb threads from sticking to the socket
  • Keep the wheels on skateboards and skates lubricated
  • Keep wax from sticking to candle holders
  • Get chewing gum out of hair

A 13 oz jar costs a mere $3.


Coca-Cola was originally created as a cure for numerous afflictions - exhaustion, headaches, impotence and indigestion - in 1886. The carbonated water was added to the caramel-colored liquid and a legend was born.

Coca-Cola can be used to:

  • Remove rust
  • Clean windows
  • Make marinade for ham and chicken
  • Remove skunk smell
  • De-blacken pots
  • Relieve pain from jellyfish stings 
  • Kill bugs
  • Create explosions (Coke and Mentos, anyone?)

Next time you're looking to solve a household problem, try using these products in a new way.


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