Thursday, December 2

12 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day 2

A few years ago I found myself without a tree skirt. I used burlap for awhile but got bored, so on to something else.

Since I couldn't find anything thrifty and fabulous, I embarked on my own crafty version. I found some gorgeous wool felt in crimson, snowy white and ebony. A tight weave and soft to the touch.

The final skirt features black silhouettes and hand stitching. I confess that I don't know how to use a sewing machine very well, especially anything beyond straight seems. Sad, I know.

It was simple to make. Craft your own compass with a pencil and string and draw circles on red felt and white felt, making sure the two colors have different circumferences. Find some free stencils on the web and trace on black felt. Cut your pieces and stitch away.

Lucy, aka Fattie, our cocker spaniel, decided to stand on the skirt.
I'm so glad I put it on the floor.

The final product:

I still haven't finished decorating the tree so the skirt is patiently waiting to be placed underneath. No point in cleaning up pine needles twice, especially from the felt.

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