Wednesday, December 1

12 Days of Christmas - Crafts & Decorations - Day 1

Welcome to my countdown to Christmas. It's the 12 Days of Christmas x 2! December 1-12 is a parade of simple crafts and decorations, and December 13-24 is a line-up of delicious cookies and treats.

{An interesting note about the 12 Days of Christmas, however, is that it does not refer to the 12 days before Christmas, but rather the 12 days after. It's actually the celebration of the days between Christmas and Epiphany, ending January 6. The evening of January 5, even though it's the 11th day, is known as Twelfth Night, a term immortalized by Shakespeare's comedy of the same name.}

Day 1 - Christmas Ornaments

I have been crazy for Christmas ornaments since I was a kid when my parents, my sister and I stitched up felt Noah's Ark ornaments using blanket stitch. It was so much fun. I wonder if my mom has any of them tucked away?

She's always had the most beautiful tree. The decorations have changed through the years, but the effect is always the same. Absolutely stunning. My sister and I carry on the tradition and decorate our trees to the hilt. The Diva and Roo get into the act, too, hanging as many ornaments as they can.

Some of the ornaments on my 12-foot tree - my biggest EVER!

And the best part is that I'm not even finished putting decorations on the tree yet. The kids and I have more work to do. . .

Can't wait for Day 2. It might include info on hand-stitched felt ornaments.


  1. We have still yet to put up a tree at home - and as such, I've yet to feel that festive feeling!

    Just discovered your blog - would love it if you popped by mine sometime.

    Andrea x

  2. LOVE your blog! Your style is tres chic.

    I left a comment on your {Holidays} A Very Glamorous Christmas post (of course).