Sunday, December 5

12 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day 5

Have anyone in your life who spells their middle name REI? Um, yeah; I have one. My climbing, skiing, general outdoor-ing hubby. You'll notice the Diva is with him in this climbing shot. Yikes. Two loved ones for me to worry about.

To celebrate his outdoor spirit, I made a Christmas stocking befitting an avid mountaineeer.

It's handmade from a Topo Bandana Map of Mt. Rainier. I traced a stocking pattern onto the cotton bandana and backed it with muslin. The scarf costs under $6; not bad for a Christmas stocking.

Plus, it's unique. Just like Hubby.


  1. What a clever project! And so stylish!

    Speaking of which...I have an award for you! You embody the spirit of this award fully and I'm proud to gift it to you. Congratulations! Please come to my blog to 'pick it up'.!

  2. OMG where did you get that scarf?? We just moved to Seattle and my boyfriend would love it!!! I know this was two years ago but it's worth a shot