Thursday, September 23

The Girl Who Loved Books

I LOVE books. Once I started reading, nothing could hold me back. Fiction is generally my first choice, but nonfiction written like a novel is fine with me, too. As long as it's a good read, I'm there.

Everything about a book - the real object in my hands, not an ereader - is near and dear to my heart. The turning of the crisp pages, the weight in my hands, the font; I love it all.

Being a girl from the Pacific Northwest, I haunted indie bookstores from Seattle to Portland (Oregon that is). Powell's Books in Portland is unbelievable! It's not known as the City of Books for nothing. Their inventory is massive; you can wander around the store for hours. Fortunately, they've managed to thrive in the era of megastores like Borders and Barnes & Noble, even though the odds were stacked against them. And the reason the store has survived is this - they've conquered a niche comprised of used, out of print, and rare books, with some new books mixed in, too.

Here's the thrift part - you can find great deals on used books. If it's hardcover or trade paperback, the book will retain some value and you can resell for cash or store credit.

Since I'm in Colorado, Powell's website is a godsend. It's easy to navigate and I can always find something. The staff recommendations are a must whether you're looking for yourself or for a gift.

Alibris is another great site. It's a marketplace filled with indie booksellers. A place for great deals, hard to find books, music and movies. Some books cost as little as 99 cents! You can't feel bad about supporting  independent sellers, either.

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