Friday, September 17

She's Crafty - And She's Just My Type

Being thrifty includes creativity and sometimes it includes love. When I visited Washington state in July, my sister showed some embroidery patterns to me. She wanted to put them on pillow cases for her 18-month-old-daughter. They have an asian theme to match new bedding for the upcoming toddler bed. I offered to embroider them since I needed something to do in the evenings while I was there.

I'm happy with the way it's turned out. One more lantern to go and it's off to my niece.

Handmade items are undoubtedly thrifty. If you purchase handmade goods, you generally pay more than for mass-produced items. A handmade throw pillow, for example, can cost $100 or more. Ouch; too rich for my blood. So, a few simple crafting skills can increase your thrift plus, they're fabulous.

If you like to embroider, there are tons of patterns out there, many of which include a modern twist. This pattern is from Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart. Love her stuff. The patterns are cheeky and fun. And they aren't too expensive either.

I know some people don't enjoy making crafts, but with a few skills many aren't difficult to make. If you're interested, embroidery might be a good place to start.

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