Saturday, September 18

Thrifty is Beautiful

I have a few shopping rules I try to live by - never go grocery shopping when you're hungry (or with your children if you can help it), don't buy more than you need or you can use, and don't by items displayed on the endcaps of aisles.

However, most rules are made to be broken. At Target, the endcaps, on the sides away from the main aisles, are where you find clearance items.

Yesterday, I found a lip palette by e.l.f. on the cosmetics endcap.

I've seen it at Target before, but wasn't in the market. I do need lip junk now and the palette was on clearance (you'll notice that it's still full price on the Target website). Nice!

e.l.f. is a drug store cosmetics brand touted by magazines such as AllureElle, and Lucky. Some of the products, like lip gloss, only cost $1. I don't know about you, but I don't have much success when I try to look for new lip colors. A palette like this is a great way to go - you can try lots of colors without breaking the bank!

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