Friday, September 24

A Guy After My Own Heart

Is the Earth still spinning? My husband went shopping. By Himself. FOR CLOTHES.

He's not a complete stranger to shopping, though. He looks for outdoor gear all the time. Climbing, skiing, mountaineering gear, it's all good. Look for an upcoming guest stint where he explains why he spends significant money on quality gear vs. spending on nickel-and-dime stuff. My opinion will follow the next day.

It's rare for him to shop for clothes. First, he doesn't believe that shopping is a hobby. He says that you decide what you want ahead of time, go in to get it and leave. End of story. Personally I think he's missing out on a great visual and tactile experience, but how can you argue with a guy who's into Nature?

Obviously he decided he needed some shirts. And, since he's married to a thrifty girl, he stopped at a Banana Republic outlet to save some dough. Wishful thinking. He didn't shop at an outlet because of my influence. He shopped at an outlet to save money and buy more gear! I'm proud of him, though; he found a couple of great deals.

The polo was only $8.99 (regularly $32.99) and the dress shirt only $30 (regularly $64.99). I couldn't have done any better myself!

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