Monday, September 27

Green and Clean, Baby!

One of my recent discoveries is cleaning sterling silver with toothpaste.

My sterling silver ring by Carmen de Anguis is one of my treasures, so I wear it every day. I purchased it in Cannon Beach, Oregon, when my daughter was only 9 months old (she's 11 years old now). It was recently tarnished while I cleaned my bathroom - stupid to wear it, I know. Since I didn't have any silver polish - Wenol is my favorite - I looked online to find a homemade alternative. Voila! Toothpaste. I globbed it on and left it for a while, rubbed it off and now it's good as new.

You can also clean diamonds, remove ink and lipstick stains from clothing, and clear up pimples. Discover more uses at WiseBread.

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