Sunday, September 12

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night

Last night, I won a game of Monopoly for the first time EVER! I mean, really won. Not the "we're tired of playing, let's see who's worth the most and quit" type of Monopoly. The real deal where you crush your opponents.

I don't normally enjoy board games, but since we've been taking a more frugal approach to life (frugal's the new black, right?), our family stays in most weekends. We plan fun activities like watching movies, walks or bike rides. Last night was family game night.

My son was camping, so it was just the three of us - my daughter, my husband and me. My daughter had been swimming all afternoon and my husband and I went on a hike. By the time we got home we were all exhausted. My daughter, however, was set on playing Monopoly. My husband and I eventually relented and the three of us sat down for a friendly game. How long could it take anyway? Three players, one of whom is 11 years old?

Three hours later, the game was finally winding down. Not a bad evening, plus, I won! I never win at games so this was a landmark event.

Besides, family game night is not only frugal, but also a good thing. After a hectic week, we get to spend time together and laugh. It's pretty fun. And last night (aha!) my daughter had a lesson in decision making and money management. We'll get this frugal thing down yet.

Thanks to the Bay City Rollers for the title of today's post.

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