Friday, September 10

A Good Place To Start

Thrifty. . .frugal. . .smart. But never, ever cheap.

Creating a fabulous life requires style, brains, research and patience. As you navigate the marketplace, whether it be for cosmetics, home decor, fashion or groceries, sometimes you need a savvy guide. Come along as I share my thrifty picks; some tried and true, others new and fabulous!

A taste of things to come. . .

The Cardinal Rules of Thrift
NEVER buy retail
DON'T forget outlet malls
SHOP drugstores and discount stores like Target for cosmetics
CONSIDER coupons and website promotions
INVEST in quality goods; it's not always about price

Share your ideas and tips. The more the better!


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Come shop over at Greenwood Gift and Thrift shop.
    I just finished working there today.

  2. Hi Mommy,
    This sounds super cool, it's a neat idea and is really awesome