Friday, November 19

Gifts Under $50

As I mentioned yesterday, Boulder Locavore (don't miss her timely post today Cookbooks on the Cheap) gave me a copy of the December issue of Real Simple. The issue includes a fabulous list of 100 gifts under $50.

A sample of my Real Simple picks:

Pointing bookmark MoMA - $7

Squishy rubber cases - glasses case $17 and coin purse $6

Beer and wine diaries Pastoral Artisan - $5

Water bottle (all profits go to - $25

Honey-citrus lollipops Roni-Sue -  $5 for four

Face Book drawing pad Decorative Things - $20

Ruffled touch gloves (textured pads on thumb and index finger to operate any touchscreen device) Nordstrom - $35

Next time - stocking stuffers.

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