Wednesday, November 10

You Say It's Your Birthday

Not quite. Tomorrow is actually my birthday. No, I will not tell you the number of years I've been on the planet; you NEVER ask a lady her age. I have proof that I am a lady. After seeing the Princess Bride - one of my all-time favorite movies - the Diva quoted Fezzik when he said, "Hello, Lady," to Buttercup. Once the Diva declares something it is TRUE.

In preparation for your next birthday, why don't you sign up for birthday clubs at you're favorite shops and restaurants? Every year I receive a beautiful little card from anthropologie giving me a 10% discount. I've got my eye on:

Another happy b-day club surprise is from Jax Fish House in Boulder.

Complimentary peel and eat shrimp during your birthday month. Yum!

Come back tomorrow for more birthday fun. Of course I'll write more about my big day.


  1. Aha! I am so digging those boots. And that sweater. Winter months get me salivating after everything boots and sweaters :D

  2. Me, too! I've always been a sweater girl.

  3. Tres chic! Happy pre-birthday my dear! Great taste.