Thursday, November 11

It's Your Birthday, It's Your Birthday

Today is the big day. It's been great!

We started the day with a quick trip to the gym, then the Diva made pancakes. Hubby and the Diva stacked some up and put a candle on top. Roo turned out the lights and everyone sang "Happy Birthday." Very sweet.

Yesterday I forgot to mention another of my favorite birthday deals. Sephora has a fantastic rewards program that includes a birthday gift. Add that to your purchase and the daily free sample and you've got yourself a little party for your face. No need to go in on your birthday, either. Just pop in during your birthday month and enjoy. Last year I received an adorable set of three different shades of fresh gloss from the Sephora Collection.

I'm already thinking about next year because my birthday will be on 11-11-11. AND my age will be a multiple of 11. If I don't send some spectacular feat out to the universe that day, I'm a fool!

Other November 11 Birthdays
Abigail Adams
Feodor Dostoyevsky 
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Henry IV
Eduoard Vuillard
Leonardo DiCaprio
Calista Flockhart
Jeff Buckley
George Patton


  1. Thrifty,

    Oh no! I am so sorry that I forgot to say happy birthday to you on your birthday yesterday! Hopefully, you are still in the birthday spirit so that you will accept my belated birthday wishes! Happy belated birthday, girl!

    Btw, is there some sort of pen name or something I can call you by? Or do you just want to be called "Thrifty," lol?

  2. Ooh, a pen name. . .I like it. Let me come up with something clever. Maybe something French, non? It IS half my heritage. The ancestors left France for Quebec in the 1600s and the family has been in the US for generations - still counts, though, right?!

  3. Definitely counts! I, of course, would highly recommend you to come up with a French pen name :) Not because France is part of my heritage, but because I'm a big fan of French culture :D

  4. It's official; let's go with Coco. Not that I own anything by Chanel, but a girl can dream. . .

  5. Ohhh LOVE the pen name Coco :) go with it!