Sunday, November 21

Stocking Stuffers Extraordinaire

Christmas stockings are one of our best family traditions. I enjoy stuffing stockings more than any other part of the holidays, even decorating. It's like a mini-parade of gifts.

Each year I include some old favorites:

Terry's Chocolate Orange - available at drugstores such as Rite Aid and sites like Polyvore, $2-$3

Gingerbread cookies from Germany -, $2 

SmartWool socks - Sierra Trading Post, $9

Prepaid gift cards - VISA gift card available at grocery stores such as Safeway, $10+

Hammond's candy canes - multiple flavors, large size $2.75 ea.

And new finds:

Fun gifts from - tootsie luggage tag, $8; jolly rancher nail polish, $5; Urawaza: Tips and Tricks from Japan, $16

Small items from The Container Store - Hello Kitty toothbrush holder, $6; mini microfiber fuzzy finger mitt, $3; Klipo cutlery set, $5; iStand, $5

I'd love to know what you find; make sure to leave a comment!


  1. yes yes YES! cute stocking stuffers. great blog idea. I think I may write my idea of the stocking stuffer soons. Snacks and gadgets make the best stockings stuffers.

  2. I definitely think you should share your faves. Can't wait!