Friday, November 26

Thanksgiving Recovery and Black Friday Shopping Tips

Ahh, Thanksgiving recovery. Like any other major holiday, everyone tries to cram in a feast, socializing and family togetherness.

Add Black Friday to the mix and your head can start to spin.

I, for one, will not shop today. Visiting brick-and-mortar stores is out of the question. I really don't like crowds. Online shopping is out, too, because I have yet to follow my own advice. What was it I wrote about smart Black Friday shopping?

1. Do not buy on impulse, plan first, including setting a budget and organizing a list.
2. Try to buy gifts your recipients will use.
3. Compare prices.
4. Sleep in on Black Friday.
5. Wait for prices to drop even lower. Most buyers have severely cut spending, although the average, according to the New York Times, is predicted to increase 3.5% over last year. Retailers want to empty their stores before they take inventory in early 2011 and they need an infusion of cash. Trust me, prices will go down.
6. Don't panic over selection. There will be plenty of choices left.

Since shopping is on the back burner, I might take Roo to a movie while the Diva babysits for some friends.

Hopefully your stemware, 'good' dishes and KitchenAid stand mixer - as seen at Williams-Sonoma - are safely tucked away biding time until the next biggie holiday. Today's the day to regroup and rejuvenate.

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