Sunday, November 28

Perfect Kitchen Gagdet Gifts

I like kitchen gagdets; can't help it. Most are specific to one task, but I don't care. Anything that saves a bit of time in the kitchen is okay by me.

If you have a cook on your gift list, why not consider some of my diligent long-term favorites?

A champagne stopper from Sur La Table. For only $6 you can finish your bottle of bubbly the next day, that is, if you can wait.

Utensil pot clips also from Sur La Table. So handy, and a set of two is on sale for $11.

One of the best gadgets ever, my garlic peeler from Williams-Sonoma, has been put to constant use. Pop multiple cloves in, rub back and forth and the skin is quickly removed. It's dishwasher safe, too. No more sticky fingers.

Silicone spatulas and spoonulas are fantastic. I especially like the spoonula for removing scrambled eggs from the pan.

Finally, a Kuhn Rikon chopper is another great tool. It makes quick work of onions, garlic and nuts and it's on sale at Sur La Table.

Gather a few of these babies for that dear cook in your life. Put them in a tart pan or set of mixing bowls, tie it up with a ribbon, and you're ready to give a thoughtful, lovely gift.

Bon appetit!

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