Monday, November 15

The Diva's Inner Foodie

Still on the food topic. I must have food on my mind since it's getting cold. I'm getting ready to hibernate.

The Diva's creativity is beginning to soar. She's always been crafty and a bit of an interior designer. As a small child she constantly moved objets d'art around in Grammy's living room and they looked good. Now she's becoming a little foodie.

We eat at home most of the time; tres thrifty and healthful. Cashew chicken is a go-to recipe for us. I've made it so often I can almost prepare it with my eyes closed. Last week I made it yet again and the Diva asked if she could plate the dish. I let her go for it with minimal supervision; it is so nice that she is old enough to do things herself.

She started by sprinkling chopped scallions on the plates.

Then formed sticky rice into spheres. It didn't quite work the way she would have liked. Had I known she wanted to form the rice into a shape, I would have made sushi rice. She was a good sport about it, though.

Next she went on to plating the rest of the dish, including a finishing touch with the sauce.

I'm very impressed with the results. Now I'd love for her to make a meal start to finish. It really is a beautiful thing to watch your child blossom.


  1. Lovely. I'm sure the meal start to finish is just around the corner. ;)

  2. I think so. Now she's gathering ideas on Christmas decorations. She has so much energy it makes me tired just watching her!

  3. I love green onions. my favorite!

  4. I agree; they're great. Speaking of vegetables, how's Alexandra coming along with her veggie lessons?