Wednesday, November 3

oh, hello, friend

If you haven't yet discovered oh, hello, friend (are you reading my blog list?) you are missing out. Every day she posts the most beautiful things you might not otherwise find. I really cannot gush enough about this girl.

Today's post is fab as usual. Swoon-worthy finds today include Gifted magazine, chock full of thrifty, fun and fabulous projects.

These party dresses put me in a holiday mood.

And colorful, print-your-own holiday cards.

oh, hello, friend has also found the most brilliant tool to help find your mobile phone.

As my family well knows, I constantly lose my phone in the house (I forget to take it with me, too). Give it a try; it really is a genius idea.

Wishing you a happy, fun, frugal and fabulous day.


  1. Ahhh! Her pictures are so cute! I am OBSESSED with that Bubbles in Space photo! Wouldn't that idea make for a cute chandelier in my room?!

    -Alexandra Dare

  2. ah yes! she is always posting the most beautiful things! i'm heading over to check it out.

  3. I'm getting very inspired for the holidays.

  4. ♥B E A U T I F U L♥ blog!
    I just love her blog such an inspiring blog who truly deserve a shout out.


  5. I couldn't agree more; she is absolutely fab!