Tuesday, November 23

The Road Warrior vs. AVIS

Know any road warriors? Since we moved to Boulder, Hubby has become a full-fledged member. This year, gratefully, his travel has been drastically cut. Our first year in Boulder, however, had him on the road Monday-Friday. The poor guy went to Virginia every single week. No breaks. Needless to say, he had a long flight from Denver and rented a car from AVIS each time he landed in Virginia.

You'd think AVIS would have rewarded him with points toward a rental during his entire year on the road. AVIS has disappointed until now. But Hubby FINALLY received a free weekend rental. I suspect it will be a basic vehicle, but maybe I can talk him into an upgrade. We plan to use the rental during - cue the monster truck rally announcer - THE BIG TRIP to Disneyland and Legoland, scheduled for spring break 2011.

My thrifty point is, if you're going to rent cars frequently, join the rewards program and work your way toward a freebie.

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