Tuesday, October 5

Girls' Road Trip to Aspen

Over the weekend, a girlfriend, our daughters and I went up to Aspen. It was fun to leave the boys at home for the weekend and get away from the cooking, cleaning and never-ending laundry. The drive from Boulder was long, but the scenery was gorgeous.

The fall colors are at their peak; the aspens have turned a rich gold. Keep in mind that fall in Colorado isn't like the Midwest and East Coast where leaves turn red, amber and yellow. It's mostly aspens here and the contrast with the evergreens and red earth is fabulous. Besides, aspens are interesting specimens. Did you know that they are the largest living organisms on earth?

My friend's daughter had a gymnastics meet in Aspen on Saturday, so we decided to take advantage and make it into a girls' weekend. We had a great time - including the Diva - as shown below.

I've had my doubts about Aspen in the past. How much fun can it be when you don't have a lot of money? It truly is just what you'd expect - high end.

However, thrifty girls CAN make a go of it in Aspen. There's a great thrift store where you can find some deals if you're patient and don't mind digging around. Go with a friend for another pair of eyes and hands to claim the best stuff. 

I found two steals - with help from my friend - and made them my own. More on those tomorrow.

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