Wednesday, October 6

Aspen - Part Deux

As promised yesterday, here are my finds at the thrift store in Aspen.

A red leather coat by Chaiken and a leather belt by Post Card.

Julie Chaiken launched her designer clothing line in 1994 a year after earning her MBA from New York University. Her pieces embody easy polished style and are designed for modern women and men. Her clients include Julianna Margulies, Illeana Douglas and Alec Baldwin, and the designs are often compared to theory and Cynthia Steffe.

My new leather coat is beautiful. It's a wonderful raspberry color with a beautiful soft sheen and leather that's broken in just right. The blazer cut is great for me. I'm petite with a small waist and it nips in just enough to enhance my curves.

Post Card is an Italian company best known for it's high-end ski wear in the $500+ range. The belt is a cocoa   color with a brushed silver buckle. It's perfect for a fun, sporty look; the logo reminds me of swiss army wear and international ski patrol.

The best part was the prices. Wait for it. . .only $25 for the coat and $15 for the belt. Steals, I tell ya.

Aspen really is lovely no matter how much dough you have to drop. Check in tomorrow for Aspen art.

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