Thursday, October 21

Desserts Aussie Style

Obviously I have an incurable sweet tooth. Ice cream, chocolate, caramels, you name it. I'm mostly a traditionalist, though; not sure I'd like this dessert.

Yes, it's a dessert even though it looks a bit like a science experiment (in a good way). It's a guava snow egg served at Quay restaurant in Sydney. The concoction is described as "a poached meringue egg filled with a yolk of custard-apple ice cream coated in crunchy golden maltose shell and served on a bed of strawberry guava granita and guava fool," in the Sydney Morning Herald.

If I ever travel Down Under, this is on my "must try" list.

Thanks to What Katie Ate for the heads-up on the 50 things every food lover in Sydney should try.

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  1. Okay, that is one of the weirdest recipes I've ever heard, but somehow, that looks good to me, and I want one. Is that normal?

    -Alexandra Dare