Saturday, October 2

Mustang Sally

Obviously not a Mustang.

I love my little convertible. She's cute and so much fun! As an aside, why do we refer to objects as "she?" Cars and boats are "she." Food for thought. . .

Back to the VW. Both my daughter and sister thought the cuteness deserved a name. The Diva, my daughter, christened her Sally. I don't know if it has anything to do with the character in Pixar's Cars, but it does seem to fit. My sister, on the other hand, calls her the Barbie car. Cute either way.

Sally is thrifty - gets good gas mileage and I have fun while doing a task I have to do anyway (read: cart the kids around and run errands). Plus, I have to confess that I've wanted a VW convertible since high school. Nothing like fulfilling adolescent dreams. Speaking of which, the car draws raves from teenage girls.

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