Friday, October 29

Yummy Halloween

There's a big event in Roo's class today - HALLOWEEN PARTY! I love to volunteer for the party; it's a ton of fun. I get to dress-up and see all of the kids in their cute and scary costumes.

In honor of the big day, I got my act together and made some treats.

The Diva found the recipe for Funny Bones on epicurious and thought they'd be perfect for the 2nd grade party. It looked pretty simple; just three ingredients. Turned out to be more labor intensive than I'd anticipated.

First you melt white chocolate. Then place marshmallows on both ends of pretzel sticks while the chocolate is in the double boiler. Don't put the marshmallows on the pretzels too soon; they tend to dry out. If you don't have a double boiler, never fear. You can use a small saucepan over a larger saucepan. It's the technique I used since God only knows where my double boiler is hiding. Finally dip the "bones" in chocolate, place on wax paper and let them harden. I tried to save time by putting more than one bone in the chocolate at a time. A mistake because the marshmallows start to melt and fall off of the pretzels. Next your hands get gooey as you try to put the marshmallows back on and you have to lick your fingers and wash your hands again. . .

I made a big mess and my creations don't look nearly as fine as the professionally made treats. Oh, the burdens and disappointments of a home cook. Maybe if I had a sous chef and a stylist. . .

Gotta run and finish my costume before it gets any later!

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