Sunday, October 24

Sunday Morning Muffins

It's a cool crisp morning in Boulder, with ribbons of blue across a cloudy sky. A perfect day for baking.

I woke up this morning determined to bake banana muffins. Roo and the Diva keep bringing home the organic bananas I send to school in their lunches and it drives me crazy. For some reason those bananas, so perfect in the morning, come home brown and past their prime.

Using the age-old frugal trick - making quick bread or muffins from overripe bananas - I whipped up these delicious muffins before the Diva and her Grammy came down to start the day (my 'rents are here for Roo's birthday weekend). The liners are made of reusable silicon and they last forever. Just wash them after use and they're good to go the next time you bake muffins.

We enjoyed the warm muffins while watching CBS Sunday Morning. It's a long-standing tradition in our family; if you've never watched it, get your tush out of bed and give it a try. Inevitably we learn something new each week. Three generations of females enjoying good food and tradition - very cool.

PS - Beginning tomorrow - 7 days of Halloween.


  1. We seem to have a bannana neglect problem in our house also... only the fruit flies like them :(

  2. Totally. Why is that?! Crazy kids. . .