Saturday, October 30

Seriously Scary Halloween Jewels

Just because Halloween is a holiday for kids doesn't mean grown-ups can't enjoy it. Even if you aren't the type to wear a full-blown costume like crazy me - the big costume reveal is tomorrow - you can still have some fun.

Spooky jewels are a stylish way to celebrate the season and beyond.

Some etsy finds:

Steampunk spider locket from edmdesigns for your punky Victorian friends.

A glass spider charm from DBoutique for the girl who likes a little spooky bling.

Edgar Allen Poe earrings for the literature buff and evil eye ring for the superstitious from PersephonePlus.

Bat necklace from CosmicFirefly, also punky Victorian.

Broomstick necklace from SixAstray for the Harry Potter fan.

Cinderella pumpkin necklace from RhondasTreasures for the fairtytale princess.

Last, but not least, a masque necklace from ManoCelebrates for the woman of mystery.

I think I need to see what I can dig out of my jewelry box!


  1. DIGGING the masquerade necklace. When I was in Salem, Massachusetts last month, we saw some crazy jewelry with real bugs in it. Even a tarantula! Can you imagine wearing that around your neck??? UGH!

    -Alexandra Dare

  2. I can't believe the things people do! A gold spider is one thing, but a real one?!? Eew. The masquerade necklace is my favorite, too. I can just see a masqued ball a la Marie Antoinette.

  3. Ahhhh, me too, girl! J'ADORE Marie Antoinette.