Tuesday, October 19

The Boys Are Back

The playground at school is the msc's hangout of choice when killing time between activities. Not a bad idea, considering the boys don't mind at all. Woo-hoo, more playtime!

Last week Roo and I walked back to the playground and found some of his buddies playing tic tac toe. One of the premier members of the msc used a rock to draw the board.

Love it! It's a clever, resourceful and thrifty trick. Who needs chalk? Plus, which card-carrying member of the msc can plan ahead for all eventualities? It's not possible - trust me on this. Even if you think you're super smart and have the world's best planning skills, a child will inevitably ask you for something you do not have in your bag. Mommy (always said with urgency), do you have a jump rope? a screwdriver? some silly putty? a lego? Who's bag is this big?!

So, ya gotta love the simple things. The boys picked up the rock and jumped right into the game without missing a beat. No ginormous bag required.

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