Friday, October 15

Felt Flowers and a Touch of Bling - Guest Spot

These flowers are adorable. Studio Ten Twenty Two has done it again; another great craft.

I need to be honest. . .this craft project is not my original idea. I saw it over at Little Lovely. It is such a sweet and simple project that I just knew it needed to be included. As with most things, I made a small modification. . .in this case I added a small touch of bling (a sequin) to each flower.

Everyone needs a little bling in their week and these adorable felt flowers will do the trick.

For this simple project you need:
Green pipe cleaners
Felt in various colors (I made sure to have green for the leaves)
Large sequins for the bling

For each flower you need to:
Step 1 - cut two shapes (mine were slightly oval) one larger and one smaller. Cut a small slit in the middle of each piece and cut a small green strip of felt to use for the leaves.
Step 2 - tie a knot in the end of a pipe cleaner.
Step 3 - slide one large sequin up the pipe cleanter until it reaches the knot.
Step 4 - slide the small shape up to the sequin.
Step 5 - slide the large shape up next to the small shape.
Step 6 - slide another sequin under the felt flower to hold it in place.
Step 7 - tie the green strip of felt around the pipe cleaner as the leaves.
Step 8 - if you want more bling, glue sequins to the flower.

I love these so much I'm envisioning them as gifts delivered in a flower box to the grandparents :)

Enjoy and happy creating. Have a beautiful weekend.

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