Wednesday, October 13

Boys Will Be Boys

Yesterday my son, Roo (his nickname since he was itty bitty), and some friends stayed after school to hit the playground. Don't feel too sorry for the mommies, though. It gives us a chance to catch up and share war stories. Our impromptu mommy support club - herein known as the msc - keeps me sane and helps put things into perspective. Always a good thing.

Time on the playground is incredibly thrifty; we don't have to spend a dime. The boys always come up with clever games, usually boy stuff. After playtime the boys picked up rocks on the way to the cars. I guess you'd say they were medium-sized rocks, a little bigger than their hands.

A group of three boys, including Roo, squatted down, heads bent with attention completely focused (why, oh why can't they have that kind of focus when mommy says to do something?). They didn't do anything special with the rocks; just pounded them against each other to see if they could break them open. Happy as clams while they were engaged with the rocks. I have to shake my head and wonder why we spend money on toys when a rock or a box will do.

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