Thursday, October 7

Public Art in Aspen

Not surprisingly the beauty in Aspen goes beyond the surrounding landscape. Public art, architecture and design all contribute to the visual experience. While I visited, I was lucky enough to find public art in an unexpected place.

While attending the gymnastics meet located at the Aspen Recreation Center - see Girls' Road Trip to Aspen for explanation -  I walked out the back door to talk to my husband and son on the phone. That's when I discovered these sculptures. There they were between the parking lot and a public trail. Who knew? The top two photos are different views of the same piece and the metal man was just a few feet away. I don't get why he's sitting on a plastic lawn chair, but it's art, right?

"The moment you think you understand a great work of art, it's dead for you."
Oscar Wilde

The atmosphere is a mix of old and new thanks to the town's rich history and transformation into a ski town. It's hip and modern yet maintains its historical flare.

If you're thrifty, a stroll through a visually interesting area is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Incidentally, I saw these cars all over Aspen. Doesn't it look like a suped-up golf cart? Pretty clever.

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