Tuesday, October 12

Glee Hee-Hee

Yes, I'm Gleeking out again today. On the drive to school this morning, my children graciously reminded me that Glee is on tonight. Hmm. . .they're little Gleeks, too.

Tonight's episode features duets among the characters, including Sam and Quinn. There's a sneak peak of their beautiful song on the Fox website.

Last week's episode, Grilled Cheesus, didn't disappoint.

The subject matter was serious - Kurt's father had a heart attack - but lightened by Finn's devotion to his grilled cheesus. My favorite songs were Puck's take on Only the Good Die Young and Kurt's rendition of I Want To Hold Your Hand.

I'm loving this season and can't wait to see how things turn out. Will Quinn get a boyfriend? Will Finn and Rachel stay together? Will the Glee Club make it to nationals in NYC?

Stay tuned.

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