Monday, October 25

Halloween Costumes

It's day one of a week celebrating Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. Costumes are on my mind because I have GOT to figure out what I'm going to wear to Roo's class party on Friday.

My kids have been determined to wear mass-produced costumes for the past few years. I miss the days when I could dress them as a pair. The hit parade includes Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion, and Princess Leia (the white robe and doughnut hair, not the gold-trimmed bikini) and Buzz Lightyear. Once Roo hit the 5-year mark, he switched to superheroes and hasn't looked back. They already have costumes in hand - I'll share photos on the 31st - but I do not. Yikes! I don't have much time left.

I've been trolling Dirty Birdies Vintage for something fun and possibly retro. So far I'm digging the western wear, sort of a trend of mine lately, considering my vintage cowgirl boots.

My picks so far include: a gingham western twirl dress, an embroidered western shirt with pearl snaps, a sweet fringed suede jacket (unfortunately it's mens), and a 1970s red western shirt (also mens).

I'm considering a completely different approach, too. Stay tuned.


  1. I love that you call your little boy Roo! Western is always a good bet, and I love that red dress! I'm interested to see what you decide :) Make sure to post some pics!

    -Alexandra Dare

  2. I will definitely put up some pics. Now my daughter has another idea; too much of a good thing!